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The 2019 F-PACE SVR

You don’t become a renowned name in the auto business by just sitting around. Jaguar knows this, and that’s one of the reasons they keep pushing the limits and creating exciting new advancements in the auto industry. If you’re a Parkersburg Jaguar driver, you’ll be happy to know there a plenty of exciting bits of news and rumors about what’s coming next from Jaguar. Let’s take a look at what is floating around about what Jaguar is up to.

What’s Next For Jaguar

  • The 2019 F-PACE SVR: This new small SUV is packed with style and power. A 5.0L supercharged engine, putting out 550 horsepower, is surrounded by a solid chassis with a stiffened springs and an anti-roll system. Along with those, find a luxurious interior as well as a wider body, aerodynamic styling, and a ventilated hood with the F-PACE SVR.
  • Trademark Protection on the J-TYPE: Back in May, Jaguar product boss Hanno Kirner, seems to have deliberately stated that Jaguar is looking to up their sports car inventory. It will be a little while until we see what this J-Type is. Will it be a true successor of the F-TYPE or simply a redesign under a new name?
  • Dedication to Electric Vehicles: Jaguar is going to increase their investment into electric vehicle development by 25 percent, reaching its projected peak of $18 billion by 2025. This goes hand-in-hand with the plan to have all Jaguar vehicles offer an electronic variant somewhere after 2020.
  • C-PACE Trademark: Rumors are swirling about a possible coupe-style SUV after the trademark filing. Time will tell whether this will an offshoot of the E-PACE or F-PACE. What we do know, is that Jaguar is clearly committed to expanding their SUV lineup.
  • A Possible Electric Hypercar: With the newly arrived I-PACE, consumers and critics are excited to see more electric vehicles from Jaguar. This rumored new electric hypercar is certainly catching the ears of those listening. We’ll see if this comes to light, or falls into the shadows much like the C-X75 concept did.

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