Which Oil Should I Use?

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Should you choose to change your own oil in your new Jaguar vehicle, you might be wondering what type of oil is best to use. With several different types, and certain viscosity levels to keep in mind, it may be imposing at first to choose the proper oil. Well, we here at Jaguar Charleston have compiled a brief overview about different oils for all you Wheeling drivers. Let’s take a closer look at what makes each oil type unique and how to understand viscosity.

Understanding Viscosity Levels

In simple terms, the viscosity rating of an oil is how well the oil performs at low and high temperatures. The idea is to keep the oil from thinning too much, thus creating a thicker, better barrier over the moving parts of your engine. Heat is what makes oil thin out, so the higher the second number of the oil, the more resistant to thinning the oil is. So, a 10W-40 oil is more resistant to thinning than a 10W-30 oil is. Though these are important to keep in mind, make sure to follow the owner’s manual for your vehicle to get the right viscosity.

Different Oil Types: Which Should I Use?

There are four standard types of oil, each suited for different engines and vehicle types. Whether your car is new or used, low or high mileage, there is an oil built for it. So, what oil is best for your Jaguar? That depends on what kind you have! Let’s look at the differences in more detail:

  • Conventional (Premium) Oil: This is your run of the mill new car oil. Built for just about any light duty vehicle on the road, it’s available in a varied amount of viscosities. Odds are your Jaguar will require something a bit more powerful, though.
  • Synthetic Oil: While a bit more expensive than your standard oil, synthetic oils are built to last longer and function better at both low and high temperatures. Something like the F-TYPE would be best suited for this oil, with it’s high-tech, powerful engine.
  • Synthetic Blends: Cheaper than a full synthetic blend, these are mixtures of synthetic and organic oils. These are crafted to handle higher temperatures and engines that undergo more stress. Generally, this oil is best suited for pickups and SUVS, like the F-PACE.
  • High Mileage: With vehicles and engines lasting longer and longer nowadays, if you’re trying to keep your vehicle running well into six digit mileage this is the oil for you. With higher viscosities to deal with the wear of age, these oils are extremely protective.

Jaguar Charleston Can Help With All Your Service Questions

Changing your oil can be a daunting task if you’re not used to it, so don’t be afraid to stop by our service department if you want to let the experts handle it. If you have any questions about service, or anything else we offer, please feel free to visit us or contact us online today!


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